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BlueCast is an Italian brand that specializes in producing professional 3D printing consumables and machines. Since 2008, BlueCast has focused on manufacturing castable resins specifically for the jewelry industry.

With an annual production of over 30 tons of resin for jewelry applications, a customer base of more than 20,000, two production plants, and over 50 resellers worldwide, we are the leading and most influential manufacturer of Castable Resins.

Furthermore, we were the first company to develop high-quality castable resins that do not require UV post-curing, also our resins are 100% ash-free after burnout for both the dental and jewelry industries. In 2017, we established the Novafab resin production in Istanbul, which continues to produce castable resins based on our LS/X5 formulations. Due to our extensive experience, we have partnerships with major 3D printer manufacturers and are available for OEM contracts.

Bluecast 3d Castable Resin
Bluecast 3d Castable Resin

All BlueCast products are certified as 100% made in Italy and are dedicated to professional users. Our castable resins are completely safe for users, and X10 is the first resin that is 100% free of monomers. Customers from over 50 countries consider BlueCast resins to be the best on the market for castable applications. The burnout cycle does not require any special techniques, with residue measuring less than 0.03% (according to internal tests of X10 on PerkinElmer TGA 8000), and the expansion is negligible.

BlueCast also produces high-tech resins suitable to create rubber molds or dental models. We have collaborated on the design and development of SLA 3D printers based on Galvo Laser, LCD, and fast DLP technology for some of the world's leading manufacturers. BlueCast holds several patents in 3D technology. Currently, BlueCast produces 3D printers based on LCD or fast DLP technology specifically designed for the jewelry industry. The company is also involved in the production of high-tech ovens for flask burnout (X-burn).

We are committed to sustainability at every level, and one of our main goals is to make the casting process more sustainable. Renewable resources are depleting, and energy costs are rising. Our latest castable resins can be cast with an ultra-fast burnout cycle of only 2 hours, whereas traditional wax burnout requires a minimum of 7 hours. This translates to an energy use or cost reduction of more than 60-70%.