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The increasing demand for 3D printed pieces of jewelry indicates that jewelry manufacturers have been replacing commonly used manufacturing methods such as hand fabrication, die striking, lost-wax casting, and electroforming, for 3D printing technologies.

This is because, with traditional lost-wax casting, the jeweler hand-carves the original pattern in wax. Both, time and experience, are required for this.

Independent jewelers are unable to reduce the time and expense needed to create one-of-a-kind jewelry using traditional jewelry production techniques. However, they may create unique or personalized pieces of jewelry using 3D printing technology without raising manufacturing costs or delivery times.

Businesses like BlueCast are constantly willing to experiment new ideas and the consequence is that BlueCast was able to add value to the industry. Our Castable Resin has been developed according to the needs of jewelers, and our R&D goal is to provide resin with properties similar to or even better than wax.

Furthermore, 3D printing with good castable resins helps jewelry manufacturers accelerate mass production. By using these resins, manufacturers can eliminate the time-consuming processes of hand-carving the original wax model, casting, polishing the master, and preparing the mold.

Bluecast 3d Castable Resin

It can be confidently stated that 3D printing is disrupting the jewelry industry, and its potential is being recognized by both small, independent jewelers and large houses.

Nowadays, many startups are utilizing 3D printing technologies to compete with leading jewelry manufacturers. In India, numerous startups and companies are generating revenue by replacing handmade jewelry with 3D-printed alternatives. Additionally, some startups employ 3D printing to offer customers a range of customization options through their websites. Simultaneously, certain startups impress customers by creating 3D-printed jewelry that appears larger in size but is incredibly light in weight.

Thanks to our extensive experience, BlueCast is the best partner to help your company embrace the revolution of jewelry 3D printing, optimize your digital production workflow, or simply become the most reliable supplier of high-quality castable resins.

Bluecast 3d Castable Resin
Bluecast 3d Castable Resin